Packaging: Food and Beverages

"Sustainable solutions for a food packaging without limits"

In a market increasingly focused on the sustainability of food and beverages packaging, there is a growing need for responsible alternatives. Aware of the challenge posed by the accumulation of plastic waste, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that respect the environment without compromising the essential characteristics required for food and beverage packaging.

At ADBioplastics, we specialise in customised solutions using compostable and bio-based bioplastics, such as our PLA-Premium with a diverse range of grades. These materials are carefully designed to enhance the qualities of virgin PLA, allowing for superior versatility in packaging while meeting impending legislative requirements. We comply with current food contact regulations (FCM), ensuring the safety and quality required in the industry.

Taking into account changing market trends, we are committed to working closely with companies in the food and beverages sector to provide packaging solutions that meet their specific needs and contribute to a more sustainable future.

What technologies do we use?

For food and beverages we have various technologies that allow us to adapt the packaging to the needs of the product. In addition, we have customised grades to achieve the perfect formulation for each customer, achieving a PLA without limits. With this in mind, we can find:

Granza de PLA-Premium de ADBioplastics.
Certificado OK Compost de TÜV Austria y certificado FCA de material apto para contacto alimentario.

What are the main applications?

Bandeja termoformada bioplástica para el sector de alimentación - ADBioplastics.


Thermoformed trays, Blisters, Single-use packaging, Bags, Vials, Bottles, Jars, Caps, Nets, Film (flow pack, twist, folded…), Collated paper, etc.

Botellas y botes bioplásticos para el sector de alimentación - ADBioplastics.


Final product with transparency or pigmentation. Matt and pearlescent finishes possible. High quality in any type of highly complex mould. Compatible with compostable masterbatches of any colour.

Film bioplástico para el sector de alimentación - ADBioplastics.


Packaging of meat products, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, sauces and condiments (oils, vinegars, jams…), beverages (mineral water, juices, soft drinks…), pastries, nuts, pulses, cereals, etc.

Need more information?

Documentación técnica de ADBioplastics.

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Our bio-based and compostable products help to comply with the European Union's Plastics Reduction Directive, which states that by 2030 all packaging must be mandatory recyclable, reusable and/or compostable