Packaging: Cosmetics

"Sustainable solutions for a cosmetic packaging without limits"

The demand to develop sustainable alternatives for cosmetic packaging is growing. Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the problem of plastic waste accumulation. This is why they are looking for alternative materials that are not harmful to the environment and that maintain the characteristics of traditional plastics. In the world of cosmetics, environmental awareness is an added brand value for many consumers.

ADBioplastics offers customised solutions using its compostable and bio-based PLA-Premium bioplastic and its different grades according to each customer’s needs. Our formulations mark a before and after in improving the properties of virgin PLA, extending the characteristics of packaging and its different applications. In addition, the material is perfect for preserving the properties of cosmetic products. All this is possible while maintaining an attractive and innovative packaging design.

What technologies do we use?

For cosmetics we have various technologies that allow us to adapt the packaging to the customer’s needs. In addition, we have customised grades to achieve the perfect formulation, designing a PLA without limits. With this in mind, we can find:

Transparent and pigmented bottles from ADBioplastics for the cosmetics industry.
Certificado OK Compost de TÜV Austria y certificado FCA de material apto para contacto alimentario.

What are the main applications?

Bioplastic small bottle for the cosmetics industry - ADBioplastics.


Pots, Jars, Bottles, Single-use packaging, Vials, Caps, Sachets, etc.

Bioplastic jar for the cosmetic industry - ADBioplastics.


Final product with transparency or pigmentation. Matt and pearlescent finishes possible. High quality in any type of highly complex mould. Compatible with compostable masterbatches of any colour. Excellent behaviour to repetitive opening and high axial resistance.

Bioplastic bottle for the cosmetic industry - ADBioplastics.


Packaging of hair products (shampoo, gel, conditioner, dyes…), cosmetic creams of all kinds, masks, oils, talcum powder, lotions, accessories, personal hygiene, etc.

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Documentación técnica de ADBioplastics.

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Our bio-based and compostable products help to comply with the European Union's Plastics Reduction Directive, which states that by 2030 all packaging must be mandatory recyclable, reusable and/or compostable