Who we are

ADBioPlastics is a startup focussed on the manufacture of additives and bioplastics for improving the mechanical properties of virgin PLA.

Our aim is to reduce the use of conventional plastics which take between 150 and 1000 years to decompose, by using our bio-based, compostable products which decompose in just 6 months. We deal with different sectors like the food and cosmetic packaging, textile, 3D printing, construction and biomedical industries. 

We are a startup and we belong to PACKA VENTURES (Company Builder), an accelerator that turns knowledge and technology into business projects with heightened growth potential, and we are also a spin-off of Itene (The Technological Institute of Packaging, Transport and Logistics), a pioneering reference centre in the research of bioplastics located in Valencia (Spain).

Equipo ADBioplastics bioplásticos y aditivos ITENEs

At ADBioplastics we aspire to become a reference company in the manufacture of additives and bioplastics.

In order to formulate and prepare the ADBio PLA+ additive we use our BlockPLATM technology. This technology was financed by the European Horizon 2020 programme which involved an economic injection of over one million euros. We are currently finishing phase 2.

Founded in 2016, ADBioplastics received an “Honourable Mention at the New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize 2017” from the prestigious Ellen MacArthur Foundation. More recently in 2019, it was selected as the best start up in the 5th Investment Forum at the ESIC Business & Marketing School in Valencia. That’s not all. One year later in 2020, it was selected as part of the top 5 of the best bio-based polymer start ups in the world, after exhaustive research carried out by Startus Insights which saw the participation of more than 190 companies from around the world.

This year, 2022, ADBioplastics has been awarded the first prize of the SIR by Raorsa awards, which support and encourage projects and initiatives that contribute to the development of a new industry of intelligent, innovative and sustainable plastic materials.

  • 2008

    Research starting point nanostructuring of biomaterials for packaging

  • 2013

    PLA-Premium patented
    Granting of the “International Patent Priority”

  • 2016


    The company is created to develop and distribute bioplastics

  • 2017

    Honourable mention
    “New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize” by the prestigious Foundation Ellen MacArthur

  • 2018

    SME Instruments
    ADBioplastics obtains Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the European project Horizon 2020

  • 2019-2021

    Develop technology
    Testing the technology at the laboratory level

  • 2022

    Arrival at the market
    Scaling process to offer PLA-Premium bioplastics and ADBio PLA + additive

  • 2023-2025

    Promote the circular economy
    Supply the global market with our biomaterials to reduce the carbon footprint


Meet the ADBioplastics team

At ADBioplastics we are committed to the planet and equal opportunities for all. We have a multidisciplinary team with a high female representation (in management, heading the chemical plant and in the R+D department) and women technologists with PhDs in chemistry and materials.

PhD in chemical-materials sciences at CSIC, Master in Nanophysics and new materials at the Complutense of Madrid and degree in chemistry from the Roviri y Virgili University of Tarragona.

In the last 2 years Nadia has worked as R&D Project Manager at Aitex, Textile Institute and Laboratories in the direction and management of national and international projects of polymeric and biobased materials applied in the textile industry. And previously, as a scientific researcher at the Université de Poitiers, in France, at the Uned and at the ICP-CSIC. As she defines herself “I am a cooperative and I like to learn from others to be able to advance and climb professionally within the field of bioplastics”.

Nadia García
R&D SpecialistLinkedin
Nadia García R&D specialist ADBioplastics

HNC in Administration. As the production responsible at ADBioplastics, he carries out  the supervision of industrial scaling. These include the preparation of the necessary formulations, their manufacture and storage, always keeping order in the plant.

Luis Yuste
Production responsible Linkedin

HNC in Electricity and Electronics and Food Safety Course at FOREM. As a Scaling Technician at ADBioplastics, he is responsible for carrying out tasks for industrial production scaling. These include the preparation of the necessary formulations, their manufacture and storage, always keeping order in the plant.

Víctor Manuel López
Industrial Scaling Technician Linkedin
Víctor Manuel López Técnico de Escalado en ADBioplastics

Graduated in Biotechnology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

Jose Ignacio DÍaz
Sales Manager Linkedin
Jose Ignacio Díaz director comercial de ADBioplastics