We work every day to build a more sustainable planet.

As additive manufacturers, at ADBioPlastics we are at the forefront of the BIO needs in the current market. We currently have AdBio PLA+ which has been specifically designed to improve the mechanical properties of virgin PLA. However, we would like to expand our portfolio of additives to the following bioplastics:

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PHAs (Polyhydroxyalkanoates):

This family of biopolyesters are gaining a lot of momentum especially when it comes to some packaging applications due to their nature (Home Compost) and some of their specifications. The PHAs are produced in nature by the action of bacteria through the fermentation of the sugar or lipids which produce them as a storage mechanism for carbon and energy. They are biobased and biodegradable and are used in the production of biopolymers.

(Polybutylene Succinate):

PBS is another of the best biopolyesters and it is often used as part of a blend with other polymers. This material is characterised by its heightened flexibility, a property that is difficult to obtain in biomaterials. That is why this biopolymer is normally used as part of the final formulation to improve the performance of other biobased compounds such as PLA.

At ADBioPlastics we are committed to the circular economy.

Within the R+D department we are developing additives for the most in-demand bioplastics on the market (PBS and PHAs). The aim is to improve the processibility and final properties of the current ones in order to be able to replace synthetic plastics and reduce the carbon footprint.

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