Additive ADBio PLA+

Our additive ADBio PLA+ is a biobased and compostable impact modifier, which allows us to improve the mechanical properties of virgin PLA.

This is added in a percentage that ranges between 5% and 20%, depending on the needs that each client requires. We make a personalized and consultative sale to ensure the success of each process, accompanying our clients in their industrial tests, if they require it. This technical support is carried out from the R&D department, led by doctors in chemistry and bioplastics.

ADBio PLA+ comes from raw materials obtained from natural and environmentally friendly products such as corn, sugar cane and/or beet, renewable sources and compostable under industrial conditions, following the European standard EN 13432.

aditivo ADBIO PLA+ biomateriales bioplásticos adbioplastics valencia
Aditivo Adbio PLA+ Adbioplastics modificador de impacto biobasado y compostable

What is the main competitive advantage of ADBio PLA+?

Our impact modifier enhances the mechanical properties of the base PLA, improving resistance up to 7 times. This makes them less brittle, while being more processable, while maintaining the transparency of PET.

Our additive is suitable for different end applications such as: flexible and rigid packaging, retail, textile, 3D printing and other industries, where the following processing and conversion technologies and intermediate materials are used:

  • Improves mechanical properties, toughness and impact resistance, up to 7 times (PLA is only 3%)
  • Improves oxygen barrier properties up to 25-30% (OTR) and 15% (WVTR) in water vapor compared to PLA
  • Improves processability (MFI). Flowability increases from 30% virgin PLA to 100%
  • Maintains the transparency of traditional plastics


  • Injection blown
  • Injection mold
  • Thermoforming sheet extrusion
  • Extrusion of 3D filaments and profile
  • Cast extrusion and blown film extrusion
  • Hollow body blown extrusion
ADBio PLA+ complies with the European legislation on food contact materials (FCM) and cosmetic products and with the OK Compost certificate by the TÜV Austria
Technical documentation