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We are a Valencian startup specialized in the development and manufacture of improved additives and bioplastics. Our main goal is to replace the traditional plastics in the industry and promote the sustainability of the planet.

At ADBioplastics we manufacture the additive ADBio PLA+, an impact modifier, specially designed to improve the mechanical properties of PLA. Through a compounding process, our additive is blended with this biopolymer to produce our PLA-Premium bioplastic.

Our products are biobased and compostable, and we produce them with raw materials from a renewable source such as corn, sugar cane or beets that, under industrial conditions, disintegrate in just six months. This will allow companies to comply with the European Union’s plastic reduction directive by 2030, promoting the circular economy.

We belong to the Company Builder PACKA VENTURES and in turn, a Spin-Off of Itene, (Technological Institute of Packaging, Transport, and Logistics), a research center with great experience and know-how in the development of bioplastics.

ADBio PLA+ and PLA-Premium improve the mechanical properties of PLA, increasing toughness and impact resistance.
Adbioplastics la alternativa a los plásticos convencionales

What properties of virgin PLA do we improve?

  • We improve the mechanical properties 7 times more: Better toughness and better impact resistance
  • We improve the barrier properties: oxygen (25-30%) and water vapor (15%)
  • We improve processability (MFI): Cycle times and density comparable to PET
  • We maintain transparency
ADBio PLA + and PLA-Premium comply with the European compostability standard EN 13432 and with the legislation on materials in contact with food (FCM) and cosmetics products

What sectors are we targeting?

Our goal is to make our materials available to distributors, compounders, and manufacturers to produce their products (resins, packaging, containers, filaments, construction materials, etc.), thus improving their properties and collaborating with the preservation of our planet. Your destiny? Applications with high added value that are committed to sustainability and the circular economy.





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In essence, ADBioplastics is a company specialized in the manufacture of bioplastics and additives to save the planet. But we consider ourselves a family. Professionalism, honesty, and environmental awareness define us. And we wanted to convey the same in this corporate video.
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