"Customised bioplastics for sustainable medical applications"

The medical sector has always been linked to technological innovations to improve the solutions offered to all types of patients. Within these innovations, we can find the development of new medical devices, where bioplastics play a fundamental role. In many cases, hospital waste has to be incinerated and cannot be recycled due to contamination. This process is very harmful to the environment. The decomposability of compostable bioplastics helps to reduce pollution in clinical settings by providing alternatives that minimise the accumulation of plastic waste.

Compostable bioplastic packaging and utensils can be designed to be single-use, which reduces the risk of infections (e.g. nosocomial) by ensuring that certain devices and utensils are discarded after a single use. In addition, bioplastics used in medical device packaging can meet the sterility standards necessary to ensure patient safety and device efficacy.

ADBioplastics PLA-Premium bioplastic, besides being biocompatible, leaves no trace of waste in its disintegration process as it is compostable and bio-based. ADBioplastics offers customised solutions with its different PLA-Premium grades according to the needs of each customer. Our formulation improves the properties of virgin PLA, allowing a material with better mechanical and barrier properties and a disintegration cycle of 3 months under industrial composting, among others.

What technologies do we use?

For the medical sector we have various technologies that allow us to adapt the material to the customer’s needs. In addition, we have customised grades to achieve the perfect formulation for each demand, obtaining a PLA without limits. With this in mind, we can find:

Printing medical devices with PLA-Premium bioplastic.
Certificado OK Compost de TÜV Austria y certificado FCA de material apto para contacto alimentario.

What are the main applications?

Masks, syringes, catheters and other single-use medical devices made of PLA-Premium bioplastic.

Disposable medical devices (syringes, catheters…) and PPE (masks, gloves…) for use in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, workplaces, etc. They are sustainable and ideal for single use.

Highly detailed medical prototypes made of PLA-Premium bioplastic.

Medical prototypes such as bones, vertebrae, jaws, etc. The pieces are manufactured with an exceptional level of detail, being almost identical to the original piece.

Thermoformed trays and surgical kidney trays for medicine made of PLA-Premium bioplastic.

High quality thermoformed trays and surgical kidney trays for the placement of medical devices and equipment.

Orthotic products for medical injury recovery made of PLA-Premium bioplastic.

Orthotic products for the treatment of injuries, disabilities, etc. These products can be customised to fit the needs of each patient.

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Documentación técnica de ADBioplastics.

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Our bio-based and compostable products help to comply with the European Union's Plastics Reduction Directive, which states that by 2030 all packaging must be mandatory recyclable, reusable and/or compostable