PLA-Premium Bioplastic

Our PLA-Premium product is a bio-based and compostable bioplastic that improves the properties of pure PLA, to go where it is not capable, and that is totally respectful with the environment.

The objective of our bioplastic is to guide our clients towards a sustainable model.

PLA-Premium is composed of a virgin PLA and our additive ADBio PLA+, a multifunctional additive manufactured in our chemical plant, thanks to our own formulations. Both are mixed through a compounding process, following a strict quality control to guarantee the best results. 

For us, each client is unique. That is why at ADBioplastics we offer “tailor-made” PLA-Premium grades. In addition, we offer a consultative sale, which translates into personalized advice, accompanying each client during the industrial tests they carry out with our material. For us, the success of companies is our own success and, one more step towards the sustainability of the planet with our bioplastics. 

Our bioplastic is bio-based because it comes from natural products such as corn, sugar cane and/or beets, and is compostable. This means that they only take a maximum of three months to disintegrate under industrial conditions (EN 13432). 

We currently have PLA-Premium grades, aimed at different industrial applications of extrusion and injection.
Bioplastic chippings PLA PREMIUM ADBioplastics Valencia ITENE

What is the competitive advantage of PLA-Premium?

Our PLA-Premium improves elongation at break (mechanical properties) by up to 70%, achieving a version of PLA “Premium”, that is, less brittle and more elastic. It is not the only thing we improve.

  • Better mechanical properties: toughness and impact resistance
  • Better processability (cycle times and density comparable to PET)
  • Better barrier properties: to water vapor and oxygen
  • Good level of transparency, similar to PET
We transform PLA into a PLA-Premium, revolutionizing its mechanical properties


PLA-Premium makes it possible to develop high-quality bio-based and compostable plastics, and become the ideal substitute for standard plastics in multiple applications and products: resins, packaging, containers, filaments, construction materials, textiles, medicine, agriculture, etc, through extrusion and injection technologies:

  • icono de tecnología de extrusión.
    Extrusion thermoformable sheet and profile
  • icono de tecnología de inyección.
    Injection blow molding of thin-walled products
  • icono de tecnología de extrusión.
    Extrusion of filaments
  • icono de tecnología de extrusión.
    Cast extrusion and blown film extrusion
  • icono de tecnología de extrusión.
    Hollow body blown extrusion
Bioplastic PLA PREMIUM Spanish company adbioplastics valencia
PLA-Premium complies with the European legislation on materials in contact with food (FCM) and cosmetic products and with the OK Compost certificate by the TÜV Austria
Certificación de materiales aptos para el contacto alimentario.
ADBioplastics - Sello OK compost de TÜV Austria.