June 18, 2020
Since last April, Lorena García is leading ADBioplastics, a Valencian startup with great projection and a unique product: its PLA-Premium bioplastic. We spoke with the new Managing Director to find out how she is facing this new stage, what new sectors are being addressed in addition to packaging, and what future plans this young company...
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Mascara protectora - ADBioplastics
The material will be used to protect health personnel in Madrid, one of the most severely affected cities in the world by the coronavirus. The donation is part of the CovidMakers Getafe solidarity campaign promoted by the residents of this city, in an exclusively altruistic manner. The Valencian startup ADBioplastics, specialized in the manufacture of...
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ADBioplastics is a PACKA VENTURES startup with solid expertise in designing tailor-made biobased and compostable additives and bioplastics to comply with the European regulation of 2030 and promote the circular economy