ADBioplastics and Iraga Servicios develop compostable catering packaging
This innovative alternative disintegrates in approximately 3 months and will reduce CO2 emissions in production processes. ADBioplastics and Iraga Servicios have developed a sustainable packaging for cutlery used in catering for air and ground passenger transport. It is a 100% compostable and bio-based flow pack packaging. This product maintains the quality characteristics and offers advantages...
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Products manufactured by ADBioplastics using 3D printing technology.
The use of bioplastics for 3D printing is becoming increasingly common practice in many industrial sectors. This technique has revolutionised how products are designed, created and shipped. In fact, according to Industry Today, the global market for 3D printing products and services is expected to grow by 195% from 2020 to 2026, reaching a turnover...
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100% compostable single-use packaging for extra virgin olive oil
It has been used a material developed by the manufacturer of high-performance bioplastics that disintegrates in less than 3 months and is suitable for the packaging of food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, among others. ADBioplastics has participated in the development of compostable single-use packaging for extra virgin olive oil together with a team led by the oils and dressings producer and...
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Compostable bioplastic developed by ADBioplastics for packaging
The material is made from natural raw materials such as corn, sugar cane and/or sugar beet and disintegrates in up to three months. ADBioplastics is presenting an innovative compostable bioplastic that can be used in food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging applications at Interpack, which opened this week and runs until 10 May in Düsseldorf,...
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ADBioplastics - OK compost seal from TÜV Austria.
The PLA-Premium bioplastics made of ADBio PLA+ additive decompose in a maximum of 6 months, becoming CO2, fertilizer, and water, following the European legislation on containers and packaging EN 13432. The Valencian startup also complies with European legislation on materials in contact with food FCM and cosmetic products. PLA-Premium bioplastics manufactured with the ADBio PLA...
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Thermoformed packaging with PLA-Premium_ADBioplastics material
This sustainable material goes for short-term room temperature, long-term frozen and chilled products under EU regulations. Compared with virgin PLA, PLA-Premium grades improve resistance up to 7 times. After the completion in 2020 of the installation of its new industrial plant, ADBioplastics has, in recent months, turned to its R&D department. And this is translating...
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Nadia García, R&D Specialist ADBioplastics
ADBioplastics’ growth is unstoppable. In 2021 we will start with the official commercialisation of PLA-Premium grades to replace traditional petroleum-based plastics with bio-based, biodegradable and compostable bioplastics. Precisely, the success of the commercialisation of our bioplastics, based on high quality parameters, is largely due to the great work being done from the R&D department of...
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Rigid packaging for pastries and cakes made from PLA-Premium bioplastic.
The grades developed by ADBioplastics enhance elasticity and are less brittle than PLA while maintaining transparency. European regulations for 2030 strongly push towards a sustainable model with the planet. That is why most national and international supermarkets are incorporating products with recycled or compostable packaging in their linear products. ADBioplastics emerged precisely to respond to...
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