The solution you are looking for for bio-based packaging

Comply with the upcoming Sustainability EU Circular Economy measures

Do you need to comply with the upcoming EU Circular Economy measures?

The latest developments related to the upcoming EU Circular Economy measures published by the European Commission on the new packaging regulation for bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics together with the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, aims to reduce packaging waste by 15% by 2040 and to generate fully recyclable packaging by 2030.


Do you want your packaging to be bio-based and compostable?

The forthcoming Commission regulation provides information on how these plastics can be integrated into a sustainable future. Biomass used to produce bio-based plastics must not come from fossil sources, must not be harmful to the environment and must respect the principle of “cascading use of biomass”: producers must prioritise the use of recycled or bio-based materials.


How can we help you achieve this?

To do this, you need a bio-based and compostable product that is produced from raw materials from renewable sources such as corn, sugar cane and/or sugar beet. At ADBioplastics, our main objective is to help replace plastics from fossil sources in industry through a solution that optimises the mechanical properties of PLA for greater efficiency in the manufacturing process, as well as in the final product.

ADBioplastics’ compostable bioplastics will play a major role in the next decade as compostable packaging will be needed for labels attached to fruit or vegetables, tea bags, capsules, lightweight plastic bags, deep-frozen primary packaging, pasta packaging, rice, among others.

What will your choice accomplish?

You will achieve innovation and optimisation in your industrial process to comply with future regulations on recyclable products and with it, the contribution to improve the sustainability of the planet.

If you want to know more about how we can help you create a more sustainable packaging for your product, contact our technical support team and we will share with you the necessary information to start you on the road to the technological future in your industrial process.