ADBioplastics develops together with Iraga Servicios a compostable packaging for cutlery intended for passenger transport catering

ADBioplastics and Iraga Servicios develop compostable catering packaging

  • This innovative alternative disintegrates in approximately 3 months and will reduce CO2 emissions in production processes.

ADBioplastics and Iraga Servicios have developed a sustainable packaging for cutlery used in catering for air and ground passenger transport. It is a 100% compostable and bio-based flow pack packaging.

This product maintains the quality characteristics and offers advantages in terms of production, such as reducing the sealing temperature by around 50%. As a consequence, CO2 emissions are reduced both in the manufacturing process of the product and in the packaging process.

Furthermore, the new packaging offers a compostable solution, as the material is certified OK Compost Industrial by TÜV Austria, which verifies that the material disintegrates into its basic components (carbon dioxide and water) within a period of approximately 3 months under industrial compostability conditions. In this way, according to the current recycling circuit, the material can be deposited in the brown (organic) container and then transferred to a composting plant.


A long-term project


The main objective of this agreement has been to offer a more sustainable alternative for shrink-wrapping processes by means of a film supplied by ADBioplastics in the catering of Iraga Servicios’ main passenger transport customers, thus promoting compliance with legislative requirements, innovation and the circular economy.

This film has been obtained from TecnoBi grades of PLA-Premium compostable bioplastic, developed by ADBioplastics. The technology used to manufacture the film is film cast extrusion, resulting in a product with characteristics similar to those of a film made from conventional plastic. PLA-Premium can also be processed on conventional equipment, so it does not require any additional investment in equipment or infrastructure.

Download banner of the ADBioplastics TecnoBi extrusion and thermoforming grades sheet.

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar for ADBioplastics and Iraga Servicios, which through this cooperation agreement will be able to offer products and materials for compostable and bio-based packaging, in line with their long-term management and innovation strategies.

This project demonstrates that it is possible to combine respect for the environment and social welfare with business profit, contributing to compliance with the sustainability objectives set out in the Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil for a Circular Economy and the Royal Decree on Packaging and Packaging Waste.


ADBioplastics is a startup dedicated to the manufacture of tailor-made bioplastics that improve the mechanical properties of virgin PLA for food, beverage and cosmetic packaging applications, as well as other plastic products for 3D printing, textiles, medicine, agriculture and construction.

Iraga Servicios is a company specialised, among others, in shrink wrapping and manual handling, with extensive experience in the airline catering and ground passenger transport sector.