Iván Navarro, Project Manager: “At the K 2019 trade fair, manufacturers were desperately looking for biodegradable solutions”

Feria K - ADBioplastics

ADBioplastics takes stock of its passage through the K 2019 trade fair, which took place from October 16 to 23, interviewing Iván Navarro, Ph.D. in materials and Project Manager of this startup. Considered the number one of the plastics and rubber industry, K 2019 has hosted 225,000 visitors from 168 countries and 3,300 exhibitors for 8 days. Without a doubt, it has exceeded all the expectations.

Q. How would you summarize this K 2019 fair edition?

A. If I had to make a headline it would be “desperate search for biodegradable alternatives”. Besides, there was much confusion with the biodegradable and compostable terms among the plastic transformers themselves. More information and education is needed before the European regulations of 2030

Q. What kinf of information?

A. Many visitors told us that they had bought bio-polyethylene because it was biobased, but they were surprised when it did not biodegrade later. If the plastic users themselves get confused, something is wrong.

Q. The K fair is a worldwide reference. Precisely in this edition has hosted 225,000 visitors from 168 countries, how are the regulations beyond the European Union?

A. In many countries, legislation is very restrictive. In Ecuador, Peru, and even Mexico, they have already banned single-use, as well as in India. The majority of visitors from those countries were looking for alternatives to supply the market.

Q. What have been the nationalities which most sought the startup ADBioplastics?

A. We have been very surprised by the number of Indian visitors who have come to our stand interested in our product, PLA-Premium. Other nationalities that have also visited are those mentioned above for the new regulation, as well as potential German clients because  the fair was held in Düsseldorf (Germany).

Q. What was the star product of the fair?

A. Undoubtedly, biodegradable bags, and single-use for the global restriction.

Q. And from ADBioplastics, what have you presented specifically?

A. In our case, we have presented the bioplastic advances with extrusion-thermoforming, injection, and injection blowing for different sectors such as food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Q. To sum up, how was the fair for ADBioplastics as a startup?

A. It has been apotheosis. Our PLA-Premium product, with improved properties, has revolutionized the bioplastics market and everyone wanted to exchange business cards for future business. We have returned with about 700 cards between manufacturers and investors since we are in a round of financing. So, no doubt, we will repeat in the next edition of 2022.

During the 8 days of the fair, this event has hosted 3,300 exhibitors from 63 countries. All have shown the commitment to sustainability and the use of sustainable materials, saving resources and improving recyclability processes.